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What is KLT

Kinetic Link Training (KLT) is a functional strength training program aimed at improving functional capacity. That is, the ability to perform both simple and complex daily tasks, work-related or sport-specific movements with ease, efficiency, strength and control.

KLT resistance training is fully biomechanically balanced and addresses all the components necessary to succeed in any activity or performance. The focus is on training and performing natural human movements under load – actions that all healthy human bodies should be able to perform. Movements are performed in all directions and should appear dynamic, athletic, fluid and hopefully graceful.

Unlike traditional gym training, benches and seats are never used during KLT workouts. Instead, exercises are always performed in standing so that the entire kinetic chain from “toes to finger-tips” is engaged, and our core muscles stabilise our spines during movement. This helps to prevent the development of stiff, rigid, and easily injured spines.

KLT incorporates many elements of fitness, including strength, cardiovascular fitness, core stability, flexibility, agility and proprioception. It also requires concentration and challenges coordination and balance. Body weight, free weights and resistance cables are used to generate resistance and transfer force through a controlled core.

Kinetic Link Training is safe and suitable for all people, of any age, and any activity level. This includes beginners, elderly, athletes and regular gym-goers. Mike and Rachel are both qualified Level Two KLT Instructors who can help you get started, so that you can feel better and move better – sooner!

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