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Observing Surgery

Why does Mike, as a physiotherapist, need to observe surgeries?

A a physiotherapist, you may wonder why Mike would need to observe surgeries. Well the answer is he doesn't need to but rather he chooses to. Why? Mainly because he loves it! Actually, observing a surgery is information gathering for Mike. He has studied at length the anatomy of the Human Body, but there is nothing quite like seeing it in the flesh. To be able to see all the bits and pieces, the mechanics of the body, is very useful for Mike's practice.

Mike is very fortunate to have such a rapport with several local surgeons that allow him this opportunity. Mike's latest observation was that of several different foot and ankle surgeries. This has given Mike a deeper understanding of the anatomy and the functioning of the foot and ankle.

Not only does this help Mike, in pre and post operative care foot and ankle patients, but all patients who present with foot and ankle concerns.

Medowie Physio | Foot | Ankle | surgery

Medowie Physio | Surgery | Observation

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