• Rachel Johns


OSTEOARTHRITIS (OA) - a chronic condition causing pain & stiffness in our joints - commonly referred to as “wear & tear.”

It often occurs in knees, hips, hands, lower backs & necks, and is generally age-related.

X-Rays may show changes within the joint, including cartilage damage, inflammation & bone spurs, however this doesn’t always directly correlate with pain. Many people have OA-related changes on scans but absolutely no pain or dysfunction.

So how do we manage it? By balancing physical activity, healthy eating & rest!

1. Weight loss - this is the number one treatment. With every step we take there is a load of 4-6x our body weight being transferred through our knee joints, hence losing that little bit of extra weight we might be carrying significantly reduces the strain on our joints!

2. Exercise - including cardio AND resistance training to keep our muscles strong and joints flexible!

If you suffer from OA pain then Physio can certainly help you!

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