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  • Rachel Johns


The risk of falls increases significantly as we age. The most common causes of falls include: inactivity, poor balance, mobility & strength, stiff joints, poor eyesight, poor footwear & incontinence.

Regular physical activity keeps us healthy & reduces the risk of falls. It also: • Improves balance, muscle strength & flexibility. • Keeps bones strong. • Increases energy levels & helps with sleep. • Helps control blood pressure, blood sugar & body weight.

There is lots you can do to help reduce your risk of falls. • Exercise regularly - stay as active as possible to help manage joint stiffness, muscle weakness & pain. • Include strength training - such as tai chi, dancing or group exercise classes. • Eat well & drink water. • Regular check-ups with your doctor to monitor health conditions (such as high or low blood pressure). • Wear good shoes. • Stand up slowly after laying down. • Keep walkways clear & avoid clutter.

our Physio is a great place to start if you want to reduce your risk of falls.


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